Integrating event logging via REST via other web apps

The currently only supported way is to use the Python module to integrate with your Python 3.6 app. (maybe will work with other versions, but only tested (extensively) with Python 3.6)

A standalone script meant to be integrated with other apps in an Unix environment, is available in the repository root ExternalRestClient. This has not been tested to my satisfaction yet, some debugging might be in order.

A JavaScript client is currently in the later stages of development and has some cool features not available in the Python 3.6 REST clients, for example it shouldn't require any dependencies!

PicoEvent only requires an API ENDPOINT and API_KEY (generated in the admin control panel) to operate.

In the picoevent root folder there is an external wrapper that should let run the PicoEventRestClient under any Unix-type operating system with Python 3.6 installed. It is not yet tested, so it might require some debugging to be useful. I am a die-hard Pythonist, so it is of limited use to me.

I am currently working a really slick JavaScript interface with no dependencies. Not yet had time to test, so stay posted.

The user_id field is optional when not integrating with Django, so you can use it to an index to another table.

Maybe write your own integration, Open Source Software everybody!

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